permanent hair removal West KelownaELECTROLYSIS - PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL

Electrolysis is the only safe and proven method of permanent hair removal. A fine needle is slid down the hair follicle and an electrical current is emitted causing destruction at base of the hair. Hair is then epilated with a forceps.

There are three modalities of hair removal. Thermolysis, electrolysis, and blend. Refer to FAQ for more information.

With the advancements in the electrolysis field, blend has become the modality of choice as it is safer for the skin and very effective.



permanent hair removal west kelowna



areas for hair removal - West KelownaCOMMON AREAS FOR PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL

Permanent hair removal can be achieved anywhere on the body where there is a hair. Any color hair, skin tone, or gender can be treated.

Common areas are:

  • Facial: chin, upper lip, lower lip, cheeks, neck, and eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping available.

  • Body: bikini, armpits, abdomen, and breasts.

  • Men’s faces: unibrow, top of nose, and ears.


permanent hair removal west kelowna



permanent eyebrow shaping West KelownaPERMANENT EYEBROW SHAPING

Since electrolysis is precise, it is the best way to permanently shape your eyebrows to the contours of your face.

Threading, waxing, plucking, etc., are only temporary methods of removing eyebrow hair. This can be costly and is not permanent.

Men with unibrows can have the hair removed to create a natural look.



permanent hair removal west kelowna



spider veins on legsSPIDER VEIN TREATMENT

Spider veins are closer to the surface of the skin and look like spider webs with short jagged lines.  They are often red or blue.  Spider veins are most common on legs and face and occur as we get older. 
For more information Genelle @ 250-212-2717.

Larger veins should be treated by a physician.



permanent hair removal west kelowna



hair removal services for men West KelownaFOR MEN

Yes, many men have electrolysis.

Common areas for men are:

  • Eyebrows (unibrow)
  • Nose (top and sides)
  • Ears
  • Backs and shoulders

I have many male clients and more are welcome.   Confidentiality is important to both males and females and if you are unsure please call and ask your questions. Genelle @ 250-212-2717.



permanent hair removal west kelowna




Removal of skin tags - electrolysis in KelownaSkin tags are common, acquired, benign skin growths that appear like hanging skin.  This can occur in males or females equally.

Common areas are the neck and armpits.

Women with larger breasts are prone to developing skin tags under the breasts.

Areas of friction, such as the groin area, are also prone to skin tags.

Skin tags are easily removed.  If you are prone to skin tags, periodic treatments may be necessary.



permanent hair removal west kelowna



electrolysis vs hair removal West KelownaELECTROLYSIS VS LASER

Electrolysis can permanently remove any hair on the body.
Laser treatments are specific to the pigment of the hair.  Success of laser treatment depends on the amount of pigment in your hair compared to your skin.  The FDA no longer allows laser hair removal to advertize its services as permanent removal, only permanent reduction.

Electrolysis can treat hair on any color of skin; light, dark, or tanned.

Electrolysis can treat any color of hair; black, white, red, grey, and even peach fuzz (vellus).


permanent hair removal west kelowna

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